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RUN DOG! RUN!'s Kickstarter Launch!


Pictured here the Run Dog! Run! team, from left to right, Steve Yeomans (Dad), Josh LeQuire (Photo Editing+ More+Cover Creation), Christine Sikora (Photographer of Most Illustrations), Melissa Yeomans (Author), Stephanie Mayne (Cover Font+Layout Designer), Nancy Graverson (Xanthos Family), Xanthos the Great Burgamasco Seepdog (Dog), Isaac Yeomans (Boy), missing Rachel Oldenburg (Contributing Photo Illustrator

WOWEEEEE! What a party! What an ADVENTURE! The RUN DOG! RUN! book and Kickstarter launch was incredible. In all my excitement and due to technical difficulties we failed to show our Kickstarter Film on the big screen! We need your help to print RUN DOG! RUN! We are not asking for a handout! If we don't reach our funding goal you will not be charged! This is a win win opportunity for you to receive a high quality copy of RUN DOG! RUN! Consider this Kickstarter a pre-order. Click here to pledge!

Boy's quest for "Doggy Dollars" continues ... Here he thanks his first backer! A "Star," Stijn from the Netherlands, made a one dollar pledge for Isaac's puppy moments before our party started!

Our first friend to back us was JULIE BLOCK! Thank you Julie! We currently have 33 days to raise $15,000, with 8 backers and $821 raised! Thank you backers! We still have our work cut out for us.

Chandler Woods Charter Academy's gym was packed with many new and many familiar faces. I will admit I was surprised! I am so thankful to the many people who showed up to celebrate our story and play. Circumstances came up for some of you that kept you away. I understand! Thank you for trying! Here are a couple pictures from the presentation time.

The Gym Was Packed!_edited

Nancy shares facts about the Great Burgamasco Sheepdog Xanthos._edited.JPG

Isaac Yeomans leading the RUNDOG! RACE!_edited.JPG

Book Launch, RUN DOG! RUN! by Melissa Yeomans_edited

We munched bone cookies buried in dirt with worms! DELICIOUS!



Party guests enjoyed getting up close and personal with

Xanthos the Great, star of the illustrations in RUN DOG! RUN!

Brooke Grissom and Penny Mayne meet Xanthos_edited.JPG

Anna Martin and Xanthos at RUN DOG! RUN! book launch party._edited.JPG

And of course PHOTO BOOTH FUN!

Party guests model with props from the book!_edited_edited.JPG

Run Dog! Run! Author Melissa Yeomans, Boyand Dog, join guests at book launch for

Isaac Yeomans and Troy Schmitt at photo station_edited.jpg
Melo the Creature entertains guests._edited.JPG

Melo the creature appeared to entertain!

Josh LeQuire (Editing Illustrator) and Isaac Yeomans_edited

Isaac with Photo Illustration Editor Josh LeQuire

The RUN DOG! RUN! launch party was a riot!

I will be blogging a couple more stories about the party in the future along with a slide show of the Adult Race, and how I thought I won, but I sooooo didn't. There is photographgic evidence! EMBARASSING! BUT NO ONE TOLD ME! HA! I am also planing to put a Youtube video of the event up. If you have pics you want added, please email me with the picture and permission to use it online!

I want you all to know how touching your support was to me as a writer launching my debut childrens' book! I can't thank you enough!

Please post your personal party pics to my author's site on Facebook! Or share and tag them with #RunDogRun so I can find and enjoy them too!

Follow me for all book event updates and information! Please subscribe to this blog and share our work with your friends! I believe we can reach our goal if people who enjo the story share it! Join the adventure of Run Dog! Run! it will always be FUN!

Warm Woofs and Laughter ,

Melissa Yeomans

P.S. I want to thank Rebekah Sikora and Luke Rohrbough, Sarah, Elijah, Mrs. and Mr. Sikora, Sheryll and Orval Russell, Kate Landis, Carrie Gale, Kaitlin, Olivia and Steve Yeomans, Star, Owen and Seth Sikora, Michael and Corrie Padilla, and Sarron and Larry Johnson, and the entire RUN DOG! RUN! TEAM! Your contributions to this event made it a success! Also to my editors who came, Kim Childress, Robin Scmitt, and JoAnn Smit and those who couldn't Adam Richards and Ms. Abraham.

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