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June 27, 2015































June 25, 2015! What a Yippy Woofer of a day for Xanthos (Dog, who star's in children's book, RUN DOG! RUN!)

Xanthos celebrated his 4th birthday!


On his birthday his family placed a crown upon his head. Of course, Dog is a really humble fellow.

He kept trying to shake the fancy crown down. It kept falling on the ground.


Then, his human, Nancy allowed him and Toby (his bestdog) to go outside. Can you guess what Xanthos did? It rhymes with FUN. If you read Dog’s book, RUN DOG! RUN! you know what he loves to do. Dog chased Toby all around the front yard. Fippy Foofer! Yippy Woofer! Toby can't throw sticks or turn on the hose and make mud like Isaac (Boy from RUN DOG! RUN!) does, but sometimes it's nice to run with a creature that's almost as hairy as you.


After Nancy brought Toby and Xanthos back inside, he looked into his dish to find … CHEERIOS!!!!!!! His favorite treat! Dog thinks Cheerios are yummier than birthday cake! He gobbled them all up and then looked at Nancy with pleading eyes for more Cheerios. "Well, today is your birthday," Mom had said as she filled Xanthos' bowl with more, more, more.



He and Toby relaxed and talked about what a great day it had been. 





After all the birthday fun Xanthos was plumb tuckered out (That means really tired!). He laid down flat on his back and put up his four, four year old, furry paws, and fell fast asleep. I bet he was dreaming of the adventures he could have if he could get his book, RUN! DOG! RUN! published - touring the country meeting new friends with his best friend Isaac.



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