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Cover Art Josh Lequire

The Fairy's Song is a

realistic fiction novel

with a touch of fantasy, 


More than anything

in the world

eleven year old Adeline wanted to believe that

her life wasn't a mistake, but

that seemed impossible until the ancient fairy prophecy came to pass and a song from The Maker's heart was born.

The ancient prophecy which was penned near the dawn of time by the fairy Scribe Amani, Watcher of Abel-Son of Eve,

                                               holds FOUR NAMES.

                    Amani also wrote ONE small detail of interpretation. One of the four named would be

                                                                                          HUMAN, a child of The Maker.


                                     After penning the words of the prophecy Amani flew directly to the hidden

                              Library of the Sacred Scrolls. She handed the scroll she had written to one of the 

                                Protectress' standing guard. Then, without warning, her heart stopped beating.


The fairies believe that witnessing the violent death of Abel, at the hands of his brother Cain, broke her heart. Or perhaps it was the soul piercing cry of Abel's mother, Eve, when she discovered Abel's death.


                     Enter the world of three fairies, Mahalina, Lael, and Star,

                                                             and one human girl, Adeline,

     through the weeks leading up to the fulfillment of the ancient prophecy...

                                                                         ...which unfolds in a startling way.

             Each one discovers that The Maker has taken them far beyond what they believed

       themselves capable of, to play an important part in accomplishing something beautiful,                                           something so far beyond them that it cannot be measured or contained.

      They discover that the dark lies of The Deciever and the hurts of living in a broken world

                                         can never silence the song of The Maker's love for His children,

                                                                              THE FAIRY'S SONG,

                                                              the Light that brought each one of them to life.


                                           Discover for yourselves,

                              The Promised Provider, The Honored Protector, 

                                The Chosen One, and The Faithful Messenger.


                                                          Who would receive which name from The Maker?


                                            No one could tell till the very end.

                But then, life is always like that, holding secrets from us

                until we can look back and see clearly from the other side...

             The best secrets come to those who choose to walk in faith.


                                       I invite you to hear The Fairy's Song.

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